NDoc 1.3.1 SDK

ReferencePathCollection.Item Property

Gets or sets the ReferencePath at the specified index.

[C#] In C#, this property is the indexer for the ReferencePathCollection class.

[Visual Basic]
Public Default Property Item( _ 
   ByVal index As Integer _ 
) As ReferencePath
public ReferencePath this[
   int index
] { get; set; }
public: __property ReferencePath* get_Item(
   int index
public: __property void set_Item(
   int index,
   ReferencePath* newValue
returnValue = ReferencePathCollectionObject.Item( index );
ReferencePathCollectionObject.Item( index ) = newValue;
returnValue = ReferencePathCollectionObject( index );
ReferencePathCollectionObject( index ) = newValue;

[JScript] In JScript, you can use the default indexed properties defined by a type, but you cannot explicitly define your own. However, specifying the expando attribute on a class automatically provides a default indexed property whose type is Object and whose index type is String.


The zero-based index of the ReferencePath to get or set.

Property Value

The ReferencePath at the specified index


Exception TypeCondition
ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionindex is not a valid index in the collection.
ArgumentNullExceptionset value is a a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).

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