NDoc 1.3.1 SDK

AssemblyVersionInformationType Enumeration

Defines the type of version information to document.

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum AssemblyVersionInformationType
public enum AssemblyVersionInformationType
public __value enum AssemblyVersionInformationType
public enum AssemblyVersionInformationType


Member NameDescription
None None
AssemblyVersion AssemblyVersion Attrribute.

This is the standard /.Net version information specified in the AssemblyVersionAttribute.

AssemblyFileVersion AssemblyFileVersion Attribute

This is the file version specified in the AssemblyFileVersion attribute, as opposed to the /.Net standard Assembly Version.

This type of version information is useful if an Assembly is to installed in the GAC, and the developer need to avoid side-by-side versioning issues, but wishes to provide build version information...


Namespace: NDoc.Core.Reflection

Assembly: NDoc.Core (in NDoc.Core.dll)

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