NDoc 1.3.1 SDK

BaseReflectionDocumenterConfig Properties

The properties of the BaseReflectionDocumenterConfig class are listed below. For a complete list of BaseReflectionDocumenterConfig class members, see the BaseReflectionDocumenterConfig Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

AssemblyVersionInfoGets or sets the AssemblyVersion property.
AutoDocumentConstructorsGets or sets the AutoDocumentConstructors property.
AutoPropertyBackerSummariesGets or sets the AutoPropertyBackerSummaries property.
CleanIntermediates (inherited from BaseDocumenterConfig)Gets or sets a value indicating whether to delete intermediate files after a successful build.
CopyrightHrefGets or sets the CopyrightHref property.
CopyrightTextGets or sets the CopyrightText property.
DocumentAttributesGets or sets whether or not to document the attributes.
DocumentedAttributesGets or sets which attributes should be documented.
DocumentEmptyNamespacesGets or sets the DocumentPrivates property.
DocumentExplicitInterfaceImplementationsGets or sets the DocumentInternals property.
DocumentInheritedAttributesGets or sets whether or not to document the attributes inherited from base types.
DocumentInheritedFrameworkMembersGets or sets the DocumentInheritedFrameworkMembers property.
DocumentInheritedMembersGets or sets the DocumentInheritedMembers property.
DocumentInternalsGets or sets the DocumentInternals property.
DocumentPrivatesGets or sets the DocumentPrivates property.
DocumentProtectedGets or sets the DocumentProtected property.
DocumentProtectedInternalAsProtectedGets or sets the DocumentProtectedInternalAsProtected property.
DocumentSealedProtectedGets or sets the DocumentSealedProtected property.
EditorBrowsableFilterSpecifies the level of filtering on the EditorBrowsable attribute.
FeedbackEmailAddressGets or sets the FeedbackEmailAddress property.
IncludeDefaultThreadSafetyGets or sets the IncludeDefaultThreadSafety property.
InstanceMembersDefaultToSafeGets or sets the InstanceMembersDefaultToSafe property.
Name (inherited from BaseDocumenterConfig) Gets the display name of the documenter.
PreliminaryGet/set the Preliminary preoperty
ReferencePaths Gets or sets a collection of additional paths to search for reference assemblies.
SdkDocLanguageGets or sets the SdkDocLanguage property.
SdkDocVersionGets or sets the LinkToSdkDocVersion property.
ShowMissingParamsGets or sets the ShowMissingParams property.
ShowMissingRemarksGets or sets the ShowMissingRemarks property.
ShowMissingReturnsGets or sets the ShowMissingReturns property.
ShowMissingSummariesGets or sets the ShowMissingSummaries property.
ShowMissingValuesGets or sets the ShowMissingValues property.
ShowTypeIdInAttributesGets or sets whether or not to show the TypeId property in attributes.
SkipNamespacesWithoutSummariesGets or sets the SkipNamespacesWithoutSummaries property.
StaticMembersDefaultToSafeGets or sets the StaticMembersDefaultToSafe property.
UseNamespaceDocSummariesGets or sets the UseNamespaceDocSummaries property.
UseNDocXmlFile (inherited from BaseDocumenterConfig)Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use the specified XML file as input instead of reflecting the list of assemblies specified on the project.

Protected Instance Properties

Project (inherited from BaseDocumenterConfig) Gets the Project that this config is associated with, if any

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