NDoc 1.3.1 SDK

NDoc.Core Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AssemblySlashDoc Represents the path to an assembly and its associated documentation comment XML file.
AssemblySlashDocCollection Represents a collection of assemblies and their associated documentation comment XML files.
BaseDocumenter Provides an abstract base class for documenters.
BaseDocumenterConfig Provides an abstract base class for documenter configurations.
CouldNotLoadAllAssembliesException This exception is thrown when one or more assemblies can not be loaded.
DocumenterException Represents an exception thrown when attempting to build documentation.
DocumenterPropertyFormatException This exception is thrown when there were invalid values in the documenter properties.
EmbeddedResources Utilties to help reading and writing embedded resources.
Namespaces Summary description for Namespaces.
PathUtilities Utility Routines for path handling
ProgressArgs Custom event arguments' class used by DocBuildingEventHandler.
Project Represents an NDoc project.
ReferencePath A path to search for referenced assemblies.
ReferencePathCollection Type safe collection class for ReferencePath objects.
Settings This class manages read write access to application settings
TemplateWriter Stream writer that parses a template file to write a new file.
Workspace The Workspace class manages the Output directory and its subfolders where help file content and project files are used to compile the final help collection
XsltResourceResolver Resolves URLs stored as embedded resources in an assembly.


Interface Description
IDocumenter Represents a class capable of generating documentation from a given assembly and /doc file.
IDocumenterConfig Specifies the methods that are common to all documenter configs.


Delegate Description
ContentEventHandler Handler for content events
DocBuildingEventHandler Used by events raised by IDocumenter to notify doc building progress.
ProjectModifiedEventHandler Handles Project Modified events.


Enumeration Description
DocumenterDevelopmentStatus Specifies the development status of a documenter.