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NDoc User Contributions

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change]

NDoc Contrib

Using the extensibility feature of NDoc, it is possible to implement custom tags and templates within your code comments.

The ndoc-contrib collection of custom tags and templates are XSLT stylesheets that NDoc users have put together for their own use and generously decided to share with everybody else.

Contest Give Away

In order to get things started off, we're giving a free SourceForge.net t-shirt to the first five submissions! So to get your free t-shirt send us your submission right away (see submission guidelines below).

Note: to be eligible the submission has to actually work!


To see the latest available set of user contributions check out the online ndoc-contrib catalog.

Name Type Author Date Description
contact tag dkackman 02/02/2005 A simple primary contact tag

Submission Guidelines

If you've implemented some custom functionality that has been useful in your own work, we strongly encourage you to share it with the entire NDoc community.

To do so, simply send an email to ndoccontrib@gmail.com.

In your message be sure to include:

The contact tag download provides a useful template of what we'd like to see in a submission so that we can make them available as efficiently as possible.