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NDoc Code Documentation Generator for .NET

NDoc generates class library documentation from .NET assemblies and the XML documentation files generated by the C# compiler (or with an add-on tool for VB.NET).

NDoc uses pluggable documenters to generate documentation in several different formats, including the MSDN-style HTML Help format (.chm), the Visual Studio .NET Help format (HTML Help 2), and MSDN-online style web pages.

If you're new to NDoc, the  Programmer's Reference  provides an example of NDoc's output.

NDoc's source code is freely available under a certified Open Source license. We welcome everyone to use our software in the hopes that they can provide feedback, submit bug reports and fixes, or even join us as a developer!

What's New:

19-Feb-2005 - NDocContrib Program Started

NDocContrib will be a collection of custom tags and XSLT stylesheets created by users via NDoc's extensibility feature. By providing a central location where custom tags can be disseminated, we hope to make it easier for people to share their work and take advantage of the tags and templates implemented by others.

Plus, we're giving away a free SourceForge.net t-shirt to the first five submissions.

For more information see the NDocContrib page.

30-Jan-2005 - Partial Support for Whidbey C# Language Features

The Latest Stable Source has been enhanced to support Whidbey C# iterators and anonymous methods (we are still working on generics....)

For more information on documenting .Net 2.0 assemblies, see here.

25-Jan-2005 - NDoc 1.3.1 Released

NDoc release 1.3.1 fixes bugs reported since the last release.

It also introduces a beta version of the "MSDN 2003" documenter; this is a
version of the current "MSDN" documenter enhanced to include C++ and JScript
syntax blocks, Language Filtering and other features. The output format of
this new documenter should be identical to the current "VS.NET 2003"

An example of the new documenter output can be seen here

17-Dec-2004 - NDoc 1.3 Released.
  • What's New in 1.3 ?
  • Our new  User's Guide includes detailed instructions on setting up your C# projects,
    creating XML comments and using NDoc to generate formatted help titles.