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[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change]

The <preliminary> tags marks the documentation for the current item as preliminary.



An optional textual message or warning that replaces the default preliminary warning.

Applies To

All Types and Members.


If the empty form of this tag is used (<preliminary/>) the default message of "[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]" will be included in the generated help topic.

If a value is supplied for the content of this tag, that value will appear in the help topic, replacing the default message. You can format the message text using the para and list tags, but this is not required.

Entire help titles can marked preliminary using the Preliminary documenter setting.


// The class summary will get the default message
/// <preliminary/>
public class MyClass
   /// <preliminary>
   /// <para>This method is just for testing right now. It might be removed in the near future</para>
   /// </preliminary>
   public void Dump ()

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