NDoc 1.3.1 SDK

BaseDocumenterConfig.HandleUnknownPropertyType Method 

When overridden in a derived class, handles a property found by Read which does not correspond to any property in the config object.

[Visual Basic]
Overridable Protected Function HandleUnknownPropertyType( _ 
   ByVal name As String, _ 
   ByVal value As String _ 
) As String
protected virtual string HandleUnknownPropertyType(
   string name,
   string value
protected: virtual String* HandleUnknownPropertyType(
   String* name,
   String* value
protected virtual function HandleUnknownPropertyType(
   String name,
   String value
): String;


The unknown property name.
A string representation of the desired property value.

Return Value

A string containing any messages generated by the handler.


As implemented in this class, no action is taken.

Notes to Inheritors:    

If a handler can translate the unknown property, it can call the protected method ReadProperty to process to translated name/value.

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