NDoc 1.3.1 SDK

XsltResourceResolver.ResolveUri Method 

Resolves the absolute URI from the base and relative URIs.

[Visual Basic]
Overrides Public Function ResolveUri( _ 
   ByVal baseUri As Uri, _ 
   ByVal relativeUri As String _ 
) As Uri
public override Uri ResolveUri(
   Uri baseUri,
   string relativeUri
public: Uri* ResolveUri(
   Uri* baseUri,
   String* relativeUri
public override function ResolveUri(
   Uri baseUri,
   String relativeUri
): Uri;


The base URI used to resolve the relative URI.
The URI to resolve. The URI can be absolute or relative. If absolute, this value effectively replaces the baseUri value. If relative, it combines with the baseUri to make an absolute URI.

Return Value

A Uri representing the absolute URI or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the relative URI can not be resolved.


baseURI is always a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) when this method is called from XslTransform.Load

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