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BaseDocumenterConfig Members

BaseDocumenterConfig overview

Public Instance Properties

CleanIntermediatesGets or sets a value indicating whether to delete intermediate files after a successful build.
Name Gets the display name of the documenter.
UseNDocXmlFileGets or sets a value indicating whether to use the specified XML file as input instead of reflecting the list of assemblies specified on the project.

Public Instance Methods

Equals (inherited from Object) Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
GetHashCode (inherited from Object) Serves as a hash function for a particular type, suitable for use in hashing algorithms and data structures like a hash table.
GetPropertiesGets an enumerable list of PropertyInfo objects representing the properties of this config.
GetType (inherited from Object) Gets the Type of the current instance.
ReadLoads config details from the specified XmlReader.
SetProjectAssociates this config with a Project.
SetValue Sets the value of a named config property.
ToString (inherited from Object) Returns a String that represents the current Object.
WriteWrites the current state of the config to the specified XmlWriter.

Protected Instance Constructors

BaseDocumenterConfig ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the BaseDocumenterConfig class.

Protected Instance Properties

Project Gets the Project that this config is associated with, if any

Protected Instance Methods

Finalize (inherited from Object) Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.
HandleUnknownPropertyType When overridden in a derived class, handles a property found by Read which does not correspond to any property in the config object.
HandleUnknownPropertyValue When overridden in a derived class, handles a unknown or invalid property value read by Read.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
ReadProperty Sets the value of a named property.
SetDirtySets the IsDirty property on the Project.

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